Thursday, December 1, 2011

Do You Transition?

Heart Pours Forth
Do You Transition?

            Some people never transition from “I have to keep the law to be considered good and worthy of Jesus’ salvation” to “His grace is sufficient for me.” 

            The first attitude keeps score for themselves (and others). The latter attitude says “I will never be good enough. I will always fail because sin lives inside me, but because I have accepted Jesus, I appear righteous and perfect because of Jesus’ blood covered my sins. I will treat others as God’s children too.”

There is a very fine line between these two concepts and the key is MOTIVATION. What motivates you to do good deeds and live right? Is it the “I have to follow the rules” attitude or is it “I love Jesus and others” attitude?

People of both motives may look and act just alike, but their heart—the why—is very different. The why is what God sees. We cannot see the why for other people. We cannot judge their motives. Prov 16:2; James 4:11-12.

Life example: If you see a man on the street with a sign reading, “I’m hungry!” What do you automatically think? (Be honest before you read further.)

1) The Law Follower thinks:  He is not worth it. He does not contribute to society. He just wants hand-outs for nothing. He will just spend what he gets on the wrong things (cigarettes, alcohol). I’m not going to contribute to that. Workers deserve their wage and he is not working (Luke 10:7).

2) The Love, Heart for Jesus Follower thinks: I will grab a couple of dollars and tell him Jesus loves him. I will buy him a hamburger. I will tell him to use the gift wisely and allow God to judge me and him.

What category do you find yourself in?

After hearing our preacher, Michael Lum’s lesson, I’ve learned there is another way to transition too. We can transition into a free life with Jesus Christ or stay in our life of bondage.

You may be saying, “I am not in bondage or a slave to anything.” You are free to make choices, but have you made these choices?

1) Have you made the decision to forgive someone? If not, you are a slave to unforgiveness. Transition from unforgiveness to forgiveness.

2) Are you a slave to your past? Do you blame your parents and wish they had not raised you like they did. Do you feel like their upbringing contributes to your emotional unstability or unability not to trust? Transition from blame to breaking the pattern and effect it had on your life. Learn from it and do not repeat it.
3) Are you timid and enslaved I fear? Do you fear teaching a class, leading a prayer, asking a question or answering one, sharing Jesus to a stranget? Are you worried what people will think? You are wonderfully and perfectly made right down to your personality (Ps 139:14). If you do not believe it, you have big problems. You don’t believe GOD, you don’t trust Him and you make him out to be a lier. You don’t believe God can help you with your timidity because you think, “That is the way I am.” We all have things to overcome. Timidity is one of them. Transition from timidity to freedom and confidence with boldness God supplies to those who ask (2 Tim 1:7) (Heb 4:16).

4) Are you a slave to your desire to wanting the next new updated thing? Several times a year they come out with the new phone, gaming system, ipod, ipad, itouch. When do istop? This could apply to cars, jewelry, clothes, kitchen gadgets, shoes etc. Transition from the bondage for “I want” to the freedom of contentment.

To transition means to move. You can’t change by doing what you have always done. Do something different. It may be hard at first, but trust God for strength (1 Cor 13:10)