Friday, July 12, 2013

What Ring Are You?

What ring are you?

You have heard the story about the pebble thrown in the lake, right? The rings get bigger and bigger as they seemingly float and bobble to the shore. 
You are one of those rings in each persons life. You are the closest ring for your immediate family. You touch their life daily and are a huge impact. The next ring may be family or friends you see once or twice a week at church.  The next ring may be the people you continually bump into at the grocery store. 

Ring 1: you are an example, you are seen, you are hands-on, you pray with, you give advice, you discipline, you pray for, you make time for. You are meeting their every need.

Ring 2: you are only seen occasionally. And let's face it, you can portray what you want to these people. You see them occasionally and I bet your typical answer is, 'I'm just fine.' It is easy to hide a few things when you only see someone a couple times a week for a few minutes. 

Ring 3: strangers like at the grocery store or bank or favorite restaurant. You may only know their name. All they know about you is your personality of always nice, happy, or complainer and grumpy. 

Ring 4: people you never see but you know they are there.  People who want nothing to do with you. 

Ring 5: society, leaders, world

What can we do? 

Ring 1: pray for, be there, guide,direct, love, sacrifice for
Ring 2: pray for, love, be real!, support by letting them know you are there for them, do unexpected things for them
Ring 3: let them see you give glory to God and when you walk away, let them say that you are always happy and full of joy, pray for them
Ring 4: get into the Word and pray very specific prayers for them!!
Ring 5: pray for them daily