Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kingdom of Heaven is Like Little Children

Matthew 19:13-14

Matthew talks about what happened when people brought little children to Jesus. I guess the disciples thought there were more important issues and rebuked them. Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

So, if the 'kingdom belongs to such as these,' (children) let's explore the character of children that we (adults) should posses.

*Complete dependence- children are dependent for every need in every way and in every area of life: food, clothes, shelter and safety.
*Trusting- I see this during separation at preschool. There is anxiety about being separated from a parent. As the year goes on, they are attached to a teacher and trust that teacher.
*Separation anxiety- There are huge tears and huge feelings of fear when kids are separated from their parents as children.
* Easily led- I sing a marching song and my 7 little two-year old children follow like ducklings.
*Innocent- Life/World has not placed its influence on their life yet.
*Lost without guidance.
*Very persuasive- Ever had a child beg constantly until you gave in? (I'm not the only one right?)

Now, let's look at our character based on these characteristics of children and we should be like children remember. The kingdom belongs to people who have the characteristics like children.

We should be completely dependent on God for our every need in every way in every area of life. We should be trusting and know that God never lies. We should never blame God, but turn to him always knowing he has our best in mind. We should have separation anxiety when the cares of the world take our time away from Him. We should protect that time with God no matter what! We should be easily led by God and not strong-arm Him when we don't think we can accomplish what He has put before us. We should be innocent and try our best to not allow the influence of this world twist our reality. We should always filter our situations through the Word, not through our experiences and our twisted reality. Let's face it, we are all twisted in some way. We are totally lost without God! We need to accept his guidance.

We also need to be very persuasive in two ways. I'm not advocating begging God for anything, but it does say to continually pray. We need to have that never ending conversation with Him. We also need to be persuasive with the poor and the lost and with our neighbors. I want people to say, "She never gave up on so-n-so even when they abused her kindness and turned away and stabbed her in the back." Incidentally, Jesus never gave up on people either. Until the very end people can have a change of heart just like the man on the cross who turned to Jesus during his last breaths on earth. He was just as saved as a man who had followed Jesus for years.

Jesus has the never give up on anyone characteristic and I want that too!

Let's practice that kingdom living here on earth and add to our character the character of the little kids.


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